lunes, 19 de enero de 2015

Melody Coach - ENGLISH

The Coach Melody is a challenger musical creative and entertaining.

With Melody Coach you can play and improve your memory.

This APP is presented with an elaborate and attractive musical entertainment.

With Coach Melody learning basic musical concepts are reinforced.

Coach Melody afraid to surprise with multiple combinations images and with six games proposals.

With Coach Melody logical approaches that together reinforce perceptions: auditory, visual i touch; makes it easier for ages 6 to 11 years can play regardless of the level of musical knowledge.

With the didactic study conducted for the development of Coach Melody and advantages of APPs, which is reflected Hogueit, always part of the will to develop games that reinforce the culture and music education.

The notacion A, B, C, D... is valid for the Anglo-Saxon world.

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